Thursday, April 18, 2013

Totally a brilliant idea to #run #thunderstorm #lighteningstrike

Let's just make this clear, we did not set out to run in a thunderstorm.  Actually we thought there would be a few sprinkles, maybe a steady rain but the radar map was clear and storms were not suppose to start until later in the day, and since we were starting at 5:15 am we could not really see the clouds to tell what was going on in the sky.  So off we went, since there were muffins to eat after we needed a good run.  However about .75 miles into the run the sky opened up and the lightening started.  We quickly turned around and hauled a*s back to our vehicles.  As we approached our vehicles we noticed the debris that was now scattered around the once clean parking lot.  YIKES! In the time we were gone a tree was struck by lightening.  Once again we checked the radar and the rain had stopped so we finished the rest of the miles but the morning was definitely full of unexpected adventure.

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