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**Slowly I am adding products here that we love in our home that make things easier on us/me so check back often**
  • Erin Condren Life Planner: This is how I keep our schedules organized and also keep track of the little memories that we make every day.  I use the monthly pages for the appointments then the daily pages I write down a memory or little something from the morning, afternoon, and evening.  It has basically become my diary, but a simpler version that doesn't require a ton of time or writing.  My favorite part is the personalization of it and being able to put pictures on the front and back of my favorite memories from the previous year.  

  • Ergo: This was/is seriously the best carrier I have ever owned (now do not get me wrong I loved my woven "Polish Lady" wrap for when they were newborns but this Ergo has been around forever and been a real workhorse).  I loved carrying my babies, however the more little ones I had the more the Ergo became a necessity as opposed to a luxury.  The Ergo allowed me to carry the littlest hands free while tending to the older children or in some cases both the husband and I had a child in an Ergo because it was much easier then lugging a stroller.  I have always loved the Ergo for many reason including how it allows a child to sit in a comfortable seated position, it faces the child inward but they can easily see the world around, it can go front to back and infant to toddler (I once carried my 5 year old, 35lb 42" child in it).  It is also relatively easy to use, by child 3 I was able to get him on my back at 3 months easily and comfortably.  The kiddos all loved it to, and still do love being carried in it.  It became a safe place, a place where I would put them if they really needed a nap but could not settle in.  If I could only pick one type of carrier (I had wraps and ring slings as well) it would be an Ergo.
(We were able to comfortably carry our 18 month old and 3 month old around Disney-I am not sure why though the 18 month didn't have shoes on)
  • City Select Stroller: When we did need to use a stroller this was the best thing EVER!  I wish we had known about it before our first child instead of going through a good number of single and double strollers.  The City Select allowed for the child to be rear facing so I could see them when they were tiny, allowed for the two seats to face each other, and allowed for them to both be forward facing.  It was fabulous because we even added the boogie board on the back and I could easily have all 3 children contained and safe for a period of time when we were out (which was always helpful in crowded places)  The stroller is not HUGE though like many doubles, it was easy to maneuver in crowded places and easy to fold up and put in the van.  Not to mention top notch customer service that replaced our entire frame when the handle kept collapsing for no reason.  If you are in the market for a stroller check it out, they are definitely worth the look!
(Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products and received no compensation for good reviews.  Just giving some shout outs to things I love and use)

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