Monday, August 11, 2014

The BIG Move...

Months and months of planning, waiting, building, waiting, and excitement we are in the final stages of moving.  That means we have 3 kiddos and a dog plus 2 adults living out of boxes in an attempt to pack and prepare since it looks like we will be cutting it close and moving right at the start of school.  This whole process has been frustrating at times, exciting at times but overall an amazing experience knowing that we have had the opportunity to build a custom home for our family, and we are extremely thankful for this.

Along with an actual move, I am moving "virtually" to a "Like" page on Facebook during our transition since it is so much easier for me to post and communicate from my mobile phone this way.  You can find me at along with my daily posts on Instagram (smallstepssc) and Twitter (smallstepssc).


  1. "Hey looking beautiful! I am going to buy the same combination for this winter.

  2. Impossible to pick my favorite out of these three looks, love them all :) Have a great weekend!