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My love for mantra bracelets...Endorphin Warrior Review...

Last year before Bayshore I discovered a mantra bracelet at Gone For A Run that said "It's all about the journey".  It was perfect at the time because I needed to remember that even though I was going in with high expectations and a huge time goal, it was about getting there, getting across the finish line.  The 9 months between giving birth and toeing that line were tough.  Emotionally I was struggling to adjust to becoming a mom of 3 so quickly after becoming a mom to 2.  I was struggling with the postpartum emotions and hormones that make the first few months after the births tough ones for me.  Every step I took during training helped me become stronger as a person and as a mother.  Running really helped me conquer those tough months.  Physically 2 back to back pregnancies had taken it's toll, running was hard and the extra weight that I never lost with pregnancy #2 and the new weight added with pregnancy #3 didn't make running again easier since I was hovering around 200 lbs when I started running again in October 2011.   I needed the reminder around my wrist that running and finishing Bayshore was not about the time goal or the medal, it was about the journey I had been on over the last 6 years.  The journey to becoming a wife, the journey to becoming a mother to 1, 2 and then 3 boys, the journey to finding myself again and redefining who I was instead of getting lost in the new roles I had in life, the journey to becoming a runner.
My mantra bracelet I wore to Bayshore 2012
 About a week before the Boston Marathon, when I was having serious Boston fever and dreaming of one day qualifying for the Holy Grail of races, I decided it was time for a new mantra bracelet.  This time I chose an Endorphin Warrior bracelet with just one word on it "BELIEVE".  I wanted that reminder that I need to believe in myself, that it is possible for me to achieve the goals I set for myself.
My original mantra bracelet a year later, with new cords in Boston colors and my BELIEVE warrior bracelet. 
However, by the time my BELIEVE bracelet arrived the day after the Boston Marathon Tragedy the word took on a whole new meaning. I now see it as a reminder to believe there is still good in the world; believe that goodness with always triumph over evil; believe that the evil in the world will not turn the hearts of the good, cold and hard; believe that as a country we will come together and not just in times of tragedy; believe that as human beings we will respect one another and embrace our differences that make us unique; believe that we as a nation can stop pointing fingers and trying to blame someone and instead work towards a common goal of a better America....I am choosing every day to believe in something, including myself.

Review of the bracelet itself: I LOVE it! It is a simple leather bracelet with the nickel plated metal tag.  I used the sizing help on their website and the bracelet fits perfect.  I would definitely order another one or recommend them to a friend.  If you follow them on Twitter and Facebook they always post codes for a percentage off too which is pretty nice.

**Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Endorphin Warrior (unless they want to make me part of their team ;) )  I ordered the bracelet after seeing it on the web somewhere and it was purchased with my own money...

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#recoverymiles #sunshine #runhappy #procompression #brooksrunning #marathonstick

Who can resist getting in a few easy recovery miles when the sun is shining?  I know I couldn't so I got in 2 miles around my neighborhood before I worked on my sore muscles with the Marathon Stick.  I was a bit sore from the tough long run the day before.  It was a beautiful day and helped to remind me that there is still so much good in the world and so much good in life, even though my heart still aches for those effected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.

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Lazy Sunday #relax #recover #kttape #procompression #littlemoments #livingthedream

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

No chip, no medal, just 13.1 & a PR

Today I was originally planning to run this morning with the group but the cold, the wind and 3 kids up coughing throughout the night meant I skipped and slept in. So this afternoon I set out with my HoneyStinger Gel, Nuun Cherry Limeaide in my Amphipod, and my iPod shuffle loaded with some Great Big Sea Music for 12 miles. I decided today I was going to run with my virtual trainer on my Garmin and set the pace for 9:25 and laps every mile. Off I went...When the 1st mile was sub 8 I knew I needed to slow down even though I felt good...the rest of the miles were pretty steady paces. I got lost in the words of the music, the rhythm of my steps, words spoken by a running friend last week, reflection on the events of last week, for awhile I got sidetracked trying to figure out my route. I walked a for .1 at 6.4-6.5 miles to take a picture, eat my gel and drink. I knew I was slowing but was still ahead of my little virtual trainer so I wasn't even concerned about pace or time. About mile 11.5 I noticed I was 4 minutes ahead of my little virtual trainer, oh no way was I stopping at 12. With some quick math and a quick change of the Garmin screen I figured if I went the full 13.1 I would break 2 hours. So without a crowd, or a chip/bib or even a medal I ran. I ran for myself, I ran for those that can no longer run, I ran for Boston, I just ran...So many thoughts went through my mind that last 1.2. So after over a year and a half of training I crossed an imaginary finish line breaking 2 hours for a 13.1 distance! Even without the medals, crowds and chip times like doing it for the first time in a race, it was still an amazing experience for me! An awesome run and awesome feeling!

Now I celebrate over a year and a half of hard work! Thanks @marathondan! #founders #beer #kbs

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13.1 miles SUB 2!! #showmethestinger @honeystinger #hydrated #nuun #endorphinwarrior #halfmarathontraining #smallstepsseriouschafing

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little things...

Like the boys lined up all in a row make my heart happy.

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Totally a brilliant idea to #run #thunderstorm #lighteningstrike

Let's just make this clear, we did not set out to run in a thunderstorm.  Actually we thought there would be a few sprinkles, maybe a steady rain but the radar map was clear and storms were not suppose to start until later in the day, and since we were starting at 5:15 am we could not really see the clouds to tell what was going on in the sky.  So off we went, since there were muffins to eat after we needed a good run.  However about .75 miles into the run the sky opened up and the lightening started.  We quickly turned around and hauled a*s back to our vehicles.  As we approached our vehicles we noticed the debris that was now scattered around the once clean parking lot.  YIKES! In the time we were gone a tree was struck by lightening.  Once again we checked the radar and the rain had stopped so we finished the rest of the miles but the morning was definitely full of unexpected adventure.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shamrock socks 4 #Celtics #runforboston #runnersunited #bostonmarathon #believe

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For those that don't like Baileys #gprunners #runlivelove

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Muffins for tomorrow's #run I ❤ my running group!

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Good mail day! #nuun #honeystingers @nuunhydration @honeystinger

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Clearly I should #run to baseball practice tonight #runforboston #runnersunited #smallstepsseriouschafing

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I sat down to the computer to map out the route to my oldest's baseball practice and from my home to the entrance to the school it was 4.09 miles.  I knew I needed to run, I needed to run for Boston, I needed to pay my respects the only way I know how and that makes sense to me most running.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

With all this talk about Boston...

My crazy self may just go and sign up for another marathon one day. Last year at this time my Dad was preparing to run the Boston Marathon. As I live tracked him that hot and humid day, I found myself inspired, ready to run and conquer 26.2. I was ready to go out train hard and qualify. Then I remembered 1) I really did not enjoy my first and only marathon in fact I vowed to never do that again and 2) to qualify for Boston I would need to run the 26.2 in 3:40, that is almost 2 hours faster then I completed my first. Oh man...those were some pretty big obstacles.
Here it is almost a full year later and I still have not finished another 26.2 and I have not broken 2 for a half marathon. Yet, I am still inspired by all of the athletes (male and female) who are preparing to run Boston on Monday. I am inspired by the women in the GP Runners group who are racing to qualify in a few weeks. I am inspired by anyone that puts one foot in front of the other and completes any marathon in any amount of time, it is not an easy task.
I dream of being fast enough for Boston. I dream of completing the training to run that fast. I think it will happen someday down the line if my training continues to go well and I continue to improve. Until then I will focus on how far I have come instead of how far I want to go....

Fever free = #running #runhappy #treadmill #brooksrunning #procompression #proform #smallstepsseriouschafing

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Transition to stay at home mom "signing bonus" from the husband #dryer #domesticgodess #smallstepsseriouschafing

In all seriousness this was not actually a "signing bonus", it was simply replacing the broken dryer that never shut off, took forever to dry, and well stopped working for the second time in 6 months.  But there is some truth to the title, I am now a full time stay at home mom (at least for the most part).  Do to the husband's new position, demanding schedule and travel it was really what was best for our family.   It has taken several months for me to come to terms with this transition and to finally embrace the change.  See, I have working since I was 14, sometimes I even held 2 jobs, if I wanted something I worked for it, including a trip to DC and Europe when I was in High School (that is a ton of hours at McDonalds back in the 90's just so you know).  That is 19 years of employment, 8 of which were at my current employer.  Needless to say I felt a bit lost, like a part of me is missing.  It was not until these last few days when a change in attitude and a change in perspective really helped me to settle in and embrace my inner stay at home mom/wife.  I have never fully been 100% focused on my family because there was always work, and because I did not have a set schedule, work found it's way in at all hours via phone or email.  Now, all I have is my family, and that is more then enough.  I know eventually I will find my way back into the workforce (and I do plan on picking up some "work" here and there to stay connected because I really did love my job) and find a career that "fits" but for now, I am going to be mom and a wife (and of course a runner because once I kick this virus again I will have plenty of time to train!)

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

My newest love = Trail Running

This weekend I joined some running friends out on the Potawatomi Trails to conquer some hills and some miles.  I have never actually run on these trails, or have I ever run longer then 6 miles on a trail surface, so this was a completely new experience for me.  Since we would be out there a while I traded my normal Amphipod running belt for a Camelbak Octane XCT.  It was one of the toughest runs (I did just over 13, runner John did 24! 11 of which were solo! Now that is bada*s!) I had ever done but I will say one of the best.  The trails were challenging, the up, the down, the leaves that hid the rocks and sticks, but it was also so beautiful, so peaceful and calm.  My Camelbak came in handy to not only hydrate me (I drank 40+ oz of water on the trail yesterday), but to hold my 1/2 zip since I was way to warm out there (even with just a tank, tech tee and arm sleeves I was over dressed for me and was drenched and freezing by the end of the run).  I loved it out there, the adventure of a new trail, the hills, the different challenges then a road run help to keep running fun and interesting for me.  I am hoping to conquer Bayshore and then find some more time on the trails for a bit...

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Just over 13.2 on the #Potawatomitrail #trailrunning #runhappy #runmichigan #smallstepsseriouschafing

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