Monday, April 22, 2013

My love for mantra bracelets...Endorphin Warrior Review...

Last year before Bayshore I discovered a mantra bracelet at Gone For A Run that said "It's all about the journey".  It was perfect at the time because I needed to remember that even though I was going in with high expectations and a huge time goal, it was about getting there, getting across the finish line.  The 9 months between giving birth and toeing that line were tough.  Emotionally I was struggling to adjust to becoming a mom of 3 so quickly after becoming a mom to 2.  I was struggling with the postpartum emotions and hormones that make the first few months after the births tough ones for me.  Every step I took during training helped me become stronger as a person and as a mother.  Running really helped me conquer those tough months.  Physically 2 back to back pregnancies had taken it's toll, running was hard and the extra weight that I never lost with pregnancy #2 and the new weight added with pregnancy #3 didn't make running again easier since I was hovering around 200 lbs when I started running again in October 2011.   I needed the reminder around my wrist that running and finishing Bayshore was not about the time goal or the medal, it was about the journey I had been on over the last 6 years.  The journey to becoming a wife, the journey to becoming a mother to 1, 2 and then 3 boys, the journey to finding myself again and redefining who I was instead of getting lost in the new roles I had in life, the journey to becoming a runner.
My mantra bracelet I wore to Bayshore 2012
 About a week before the Boston Marathon, when I was having serious Boston fever and dreaming of one day qualifying for the Holy Grail of races, I decided it was time for a new mantra bracelet.  This time I chose an Endorphin Warrior bracelet with just one word on it "BELIEVE".  I wanted that reminder that I need to believe in myself, that it is possible for me to achieve the goals I set for myself.
My original mantra bracelet a year later, with new cords in Boston colors and my BELIEVE warrior bracelet. 
However, by the time my BELIEVE bracelet arrived the day after the Boston Marathon Tragedy the word took on a whole new meaning. I now see it as a reminder to believe there is still good in the world; believe that goodness with always triumph over evil; believe that the evil in the world will not turn the hearts of the good, cold and hard; believe that as a country we will come together and not just in times of tragedy; believe that as human beings we will respect one another and embrace our differences that make us unique; believe that we as a nation can stop pointing fingers and trying to blame someone and instead work towards a common goal of a better America....I am choosing every day to believe in something, including myself.

Review of the bracelet itself: I LOVE it! It is a simple leather bracelet with the nickel plated metal tag.  I used the sizing help on their website and the bracelet fits perfect.  I would definitely order another one or recommend them to a friend.  If you follow them on Twitter and Facebook they always post codes for a percentage off too which is pretty nice.

**Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Endorphin Warrior (unless they want to make me part of their team ;) )  I ordered the bracelet after seeing it on the web somewhere and it was purchased with my own money...

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