Saturday, April 20, 2013

No chip, no medal, just 13.1 & a PR

Today I was originally planning to run this morning with the group but the cold, the wind and 3 kids up coughing throughout the night meant I skipped and slept in. So this afternoon I set out with my HoneyStinger Gel, Nuun Cherry Limeaide in my Amphipod, and my iPod shuffle loaded with some Great Big Sea Music for 12 miles. I decided today I was going to run with my virtual trainer on my Garmin and set the pace for 9:25 and laps every mile. Off I went...When the 1st mile was sub 8 I knew I needed to slow down even though I felt good...the rest of the miles were pretty steady paces. I got lost in the words of the music, the rhythm of my steps, words spoken by a running friend last week, reflection on the events of last week, for awhile I got sidetracked trying to figure out my route. I walked a for .1 at 6.4-6.5 miles to take a picture, eat my gel and drink. I knew I was slowing but was still ahead of my little virtual trainer so I wasn't even concerned about pace or time. About mile 11.5 I noticed I was 4 minutes ahead of my little virtual trainer, oh no way was I stopping at 12. With some quick math and a quick change of the Garmin screen I figured if I went the full 13.1 I would break 2 hours. So without a crowd, or a chip/bib or even a medal I ran. I ran for myself, I ran for those that can no longer run, I ran for Boston, I just ran...So many thoughts went through my mind that last 1.2. So after over a year and a half of training I crossed an imaginary finish line breaking 2 hours for a 13.1 distance! Even without the medals, crowds and chip times like doing it for the first time in a race, it was still an amazing experience for me! An awesome run and awesome feeling!

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