Friday, March 15, 2013

UPDATED! Won an adjustable nonslip headband from @busybeeheadbands and it arrived today! Love it! #nonslip #gear #smallstepsseriouschafing

Update 3/20/13 for a review:
A few weeks ago I won a Busy Bee Headband on their Facebook page.  I was so excited, I have been wearing similar non slip headbands but after awhile the elastic stretches and they just do not fit and start to slip.  I have heard wonderful things about the owner Tracy from several people who reside/run in Carmel where she is located.  The contest ended on Tuesday and by Friday I had my headband, can we say SUPER FAST shipping!  The first thing I noticed was how soft the inner fabric was.  The elastic band is also fully adjustable so I was able to get the perfect fit after only a few minor adjustments.  I had not worn it on a run till yesterday though (since it is still cold enough here in Michigan to wear my ear warmers).  I will say that both yesterday and today I was able to run a total of 10.5 miles with my new Busy Bee Headband and not once did I need to adjust it during the run nor did it move.  When the time comes to purchase a new headband I will be ordering from Busy Bee.

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