Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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UPDATE: I was not chosen for this years team but no worries I will try again next year.... :)

Yesterday I submitted my video and application to run Hood to Coast with Nuun.  Never in a million years would I have taken a chance like this, I mean it is the equivalent of trying out for the Real World, except this is 20 strangers picked to hang out in a van and run 200+ miles with each other.  All while smelly and dirty and sleep deprived.  However in the last year I have really worked on accepting myself for who I am and have finally realized I do have something to offer the rest of the world.  Joining the GP Runners has helped with this process tremendously, they have been accepting and supportive of my personal goals, and to watch them in action, a big group of runners being there for one another is pretty awesome.  I am glad I took the chance and met them for a few early runs in the beginning.  I am just as excited that I am taking this chance/opportunity because I do not have anything to loose.  Hood to Coast is one of those bucket list runs, one of those once in a lifetime opportunities.  So being able to run for Team Nuun would be pretty amazing (like if they pick my I would probably go bat pooh crazy from the excitement) and I am not gonna lie the fact that we would get to drink free Nuun is pretty cool too since I am seriously addicted to that stuff!

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