Monday, March 4, 2013

Energy Bits-Product Review

I had been seeing EnergyBits on several blogs and also on Instagram. I was curious, I hate vitamins because I do not absorb them well and was currently looking for an alternative. Energybits claim to increase energy, endurance, mental vitality, they are high in protein, lower blood pressure, reduce fatigue (this was a big one since I am currently battling fatigue caused by an under active thyroid). I contacted Energybits (Check out their website for all the information on the benefits of algae: and was able to not only purchase a single sample of Recoverybits and Energybits but they also sent me an extra sample for my husband (who I just added them into our smoothies and he happily ate the algae)

This whole trial really sucked because I have had Strep Throat not once but TWICE! I just wanted a decent day without antibiotics to give these a try and actually never got one.

Recoverybits-I took these as soon as I received them in an attempt to combat my nasty throat. I really cannot say if they made a difference. I felt like garbage because of the antibiotics and the strep and I am not sure how much algae I would have needed to feel better.

Energybits Try 1 - 5 days after the first diagnosis I took about 30 bits and headed to the gym for speedwork on the treadmill . I hadn't run in a week but was able to crank out 6 x 800's at a 7:53 pace. I was tired by the end but I attribute that to strep and lack of running. I am sure the Energybits helped. I did not mind taking them like a "pill" however I could taste them and they are a taste you may have to become accustomed to.

Energybits Try 2 - This past Saturday I thought I was clear, no antibiotics and felt ok. I took about 30 bits about a half hour before I met my group to attempt an 8-10 mile long run. I really can't say if the Energybits helped I did pull a few decent splits but I started having GI issues around mile 4-5.5 and called the run at 6 miles.

Guess what happened today...I was at the doctors again and this time being tested for strep and mononucleosis sucks at the moment as I start another round of different antibiotics.

Overall I would say there is a benefit to the algae however I cannot honestly say one way or another how they effected me because I felt like such garbage lately. I will say they had great customer service and were willing to help and answer questions and were very patient while I got around to this review. (My opinions are my own and was not influenced by the people at Energybits)

Would I buy them? Yes, if I had the extra money for them I would love to see what 30 days on them would do. The cost is $115 a bag (about 33 servings) and then an additional $12 for shipping. That unfortunately adds up and would also take away other food purchases such as our meats, fruits and veggies.

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