Monday, March 4, 2013

Look what I found on clearance #hotpink #locklaces I have been wanting to try them since I hate to tie my shoes (esp at 4:45 am) ....they look so awesome in my Purple #brooksrunning #pureflow #smallstepsseriouschafing

I have seen Lock Laces before and know several runners swear by them, but I never could understand. I never really had a problem with my shoes coming untied and with the few pairs I did I just rubbed the laces with a candle to stop them from slipping.  However when I was "grocery" shopping at Meijer the other day I came across a pair of Lock Laces on clearance...WHAT!  They were HOT pink and $4 I could not pass them up.  Not because I "needed" them but the promise of never have to tie my shoes is very appealing especially because at 4:45 am I HATE tying them.  Of course I put them on my Purple Brooks PureFlow right away.  Basically all you do is lace them in like you normally would, add the lock and then the closure and you are done.  I have yet to run in them but have used them on the cycle trainer and the elliptical and all I can say is "I will never tie my shoes again".  Seriously, I can get my laces tight enough (the cord is almost like a little bungie cord) and I really do not have to tie my shoe.  These Lock Laces are going to save me at least 3 minutes every morning, at 4:45 am that means something.  Now I understand the Lock Laces rage...they are awesome! (And a bonus if you check out their website they have a TON of colors so you can match or coordinate with any pair of shoes)

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Do you want to try Lock Laces?  Check out the special they are running (shared with permission from Lock Laces):

Spring Training Special Offer: Send your old shoelaces to: LOCK LACES™ Shoelaces Exchange, 2225 Sycamore Street; Harrisburg, PA 17111 with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and we'll send you a coupon for a free pair of LOCK LACES™ redeemable @ now thru March 31, 2013. (shipping and handling not included)

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