Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Training Road Block

My main goal this year is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I attempted last year, fell a little short but knew that my body was still recovering from a pregnancy, adjusting to running again, and then later dealing with a hip injury, and most of all I was dealing mentally with being a runner again and pushing myself to the limits when there was no one else around.  After being introduced to the GP Runners (an awesome and supportive group) I had no doubt I could break 2 in 2013 (I would mean shaving almost 8 minutes off my half marathon time from October 2012).  I planned to use the Furman FIRST training, while modifying it a bit (switching weeks and runs) to be able to run with the group and still get in Tempo, Speed work and Long Runs.  What I did not plan for was strep throat, not once but TWICE! I had not had strep in years, and cannot remember the last time I was on antibiotics.  However a few weeks ago my "sore" throat had become so painful and swollen I headed into the doctor for treatment.  A round of antibiotics and a couple easy runs and a couple decent runs I managed to keep up with my training and only missed a speed work and a long run.  With the antibiotics finished I thought I was well on my way to being back on track and on my training schedule.  Once again less then 2 weeks after the first diagnosis I was back at the doctors for another round of antibiotics. (I had run 12.5 miles that morning, felt just ok but thought it had to do with recent diet changes, then that night the sore throat reappeared)  UGH, seriously, not only do antibiotics do a number on my stomach but that also meant more "rest" days.  I miss running when I am "resting", I miss the sweating, I miss the hard work, I miss the feeling of accomplishment I get when I am done, I miss running with my new friends and the adult conversation, I miss crossing workouts off my schedule, and I miss the good mood that running helps out with.  It was tough yesterday to rest instead of head out for an easy run since it was 40 and sunny here is the gloomy Mitten State.

I have not decided how I am going to tackle the missed workouts.  Whether I am going to add them in during "easier" weeks throughout the remaining weeks or just write them off and hope the based I built keeps me in shape enough that I can get back into it and still meet my goal.  The biggest challenge, like many I deal with lately as a runner, is the mental challenge...the disappointment from not following the schedule I had planned, the disappointment that my body was not doing it's job and staying healthy, the daily grumpy mood from sitting inside staring at my running shoes, and the antsy feeling from not exercising.

This weeks entries into my running journal and the most likely "not gonna happen" runs on the schedule

How do you handle road blocks in your training plan when life stops you from completing a workout?  How do you handle not running when you know your body needs rest?

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