Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small steps toward loving the imperfect me...Part 1

It all started with a 20 minute video posted by a friend on Facebook yesterday morning. Brene Brown's TED speech on The Power of Vulnerability...


 As I was listening to her speak about how we try to be perfect, perfect our children, numb our vulnerability with "beer and a banana nut muffin", see vulnerability as weakness, are afraid to be who we are and be really seen and in turn sacrifice joy and belonging I thought she was talking directly to me. It really made me think about myself, my own life and the life I was creating for my children. So I decided to write a series of blog posts as I dig deeper into these thoughts and Brene Browns work including her book The Gifts of Imperfection that I downloaded last night on Kindle.

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do" -Brene Brown


I think this is a good place to start....because it is a daily struggle for me to accept that my imperfect self is enough for anyone including myself.  As a wife I wonder why I cannot be a better cook, better housekeeper, or a better wife who takes care of her husband.  As a parent I wonder why I cannot be patient 110% of the time, nurture them and guide them instead of hiding behind the bathroom door as they all fight with one another.  As a person I wonder why I judge, why I cannot always empathize, why I am short tempered and illogical at times.  All of these are my imperfections the things that make me feel like I am unworthy of joy and belonging.  But here is the thing....the people in my life that have seen me the real me are the ones that bring the joy.  My husband, my kids, my close family and friends. I think Brene Brown was on to something, I do not have to think about who I am around these people, I just am, and they love me anyways!

Will you join me over the next week every time that little voice inside your head starts yammering on about how you could be better, skinnier, faster, smarter tell it to quiet and simply remind yourself "I am enough"?

Will you remember every time you compare yourself to a friend, fellow parent, fellow coworker etc that as a society we only share our highlight reels?  People aren't openly sharing struggles, it makes us vulnerable and appear weak...

(**As I am about to hit send my stomach is in knots, the feeling if vulnerability...I really wish I could numb the feeling with beer and banana nut muffins....)

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