Thursday, November 15, 2012

Behind the name...and the blog

First the name...
Small steps:
The first part of the title not only represents my the small steps of my young boys (3 "high energy" boys all under 5), but also the small steps we all take in life.  It is very rare that any goal is set and reached with one giant leap, it is a series of small steps that gets us to that final destination.  There are also many times in life that those small steps and that journey become more inspirational, influential and overall more important than our final destination.

Serious chaffing:
This represents the stuff no one seems to talk about or just happen to leave out when they are telling you "what to expect".  When I started running I pictured myself in a cute outfit just jogging down the street...UM NO! I'm a hot mess with chaffing and runner's trots.   Motherhood as well...everyone talked about the wonderful hugs, kisses, story times and memories yet they left out the constant battles over the color of a breakfast dish, the fact that until all children in the house are over the age of 5 you will not use the bathroom alone or with the door closed because the children can get into trouble faster then MacGyver can get out of a sticky situation and they are just as crafty, or the fact that some days survival (till bedtime or the return home of a spouse from work) becomes the main objective.

The blog...
It is just a way to share a little bit of my reality with the world.  Expect some humor, stories about my life as a mother and of my kids and the crazy stuff they do.  I also plan to document my journey to a Boston Qualifying time and to complete an Ironman...I promise I won't sugar coat the journeys so everything is rainbows and unicorns. 

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