Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meet the Family

My other and sometimes better half Mike and I raise our 3 spirited boys the best way that we know how.  They are a handful to say the least and keep us on our toes.  Even with the daily hiccups we experience, our problems are pretty trivial compared to what many face in their lifetime.  We love each other unconditionally and are doing the best we can to live life fully.  We attempt to embrace our daily life...the small things that will ultimately become the biggest memories.  The family dinners, reading books to the boys, blanket and pillow forts etc.  Without anymore ramblings please allow me to introduce our little pride and joys:

Simon*: Age 5
Simon is my little scientist, mathematician and overall explorer of how things work.  He is sweet & sensitive, charismatic, cautious, analytical, perceptive, selective, assertive and persistent.  

Alvin*: Age 2
Alvin is intense, curious, creative, dramatic, energetic, and opinionated.  He was vocal from the time he was born and quickly turned those colic cries into an ever expanding vocabulary that he uses to express his thoughts and emotions.

Theodore*: Age 1
The jury is still out on our last little surprise blessing Theodore.  So far he seems to be just as spirited as his older brothers.  Recently he has been asserting himself a bit more and seems to be selective, curious, and dramatic.

(*For their safety on the world wide "interwebs" their real names will not be used and I ask any family and friends avoid their names in comments as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.)

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