Monday, November 19, 2012

Living out of laundry baskets...

Every week I start Monday morning off with all the laundry hung in the closets, folded neatly in drawers and baskets empty.  My goal for the week is to stay on top of the laundry, that means every morning throwing in the dirty clothes and every night put away the newly laundered clothes.  I try except that if something interrupts the schedule/routine I fall behind.  In order for this goal to be accomplished the following things need to happen:

1) No one wets the bed/Soils their sheets (normally Alvin)
2) No one soils their pants throughout the day (normally Simon)
3) We do not eat anything that can stain or make a child sticky (syrup, jelly, soup, juice, yogurt, bananas etc.)
4) We do not play in the sand/mud/snow/rain

All of the above immediately result in another load of laundry for the day throwing off the routine, because all of the above need to be washed promptly to avoid staining.

*Our dryer no longer shuts off so remembering that I put clothes in there is also helpful!

By the end of the week, countless outfits for each of the 3 kids later, the sheets changed on all of the beds and washed at least 3 times, I end up with 8 loads of clean laundry stacked by the dryer and we just search for the clean clothes we need.  (Mike is not a fan of this game, I pretend I am on an episode of Extreme Double Dare looking for that one sock in all those baskets before the timer goes off)
Empty laundry baskets make my heart smile

What works for you? I have found sorting clothes by child rather then darks/whites helps speed up the process.  What helpful hints/tricks do you use to make sure laundry is always done/put away?

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