Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My new running buddy Hunter, bringing him home to his forever home June30! #puppy #chocolatelab

We are a dog family, we had a wonderful yellow lab (originally the husband's dog, she hated me at first, chewed all my stuff, then realized I was cool and eventually she was my buddy) We said goodbye to Cheyenne on December 1 2011, it was awful and sad, it had been a sad 2 years leading up to then as well, watching her suffer, seeing the love of life fade from her eyes.  After that I did not even want to think about getting another dog, she couldn't be replaced and I was not going to do that again, it was heartbreaking.  As time has passed though I have realized that I really miss having a dog around, not only on my solo runs but daily the little things, and come to find out the little 2 who did not really have the opportunity to know Cheyenne, are dog kids and they love dogs.  Over the last 6 months we have been looking for the right dog, the right time, the right breeder, we even looked at rescues (but many would not adopt to us because we have small children and the dog is a large breed-well that ruled those out because one non negotiable was it has to be a pure breed lab). In just a few short weeks we get to bring Hunter home to his forever home.  He is a pure chocolate lab and is going to be a big dog (his daddy is 95 lbs and tall).  It will be a surprise for the kids as well since we will be picking him up on the way home from our last family vacation of the year.  Labs are amazing dogs and I am sure Hunter will live up to our expectations as a wonderful family dog!

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