Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life seems to have gotten "busy"...

These last few weeks have flown by! Alvin started his Little League Coach Pitch so we have been shuttling him back and forth to practice and now games. On top of that the husband and I were headed to Hawaii for his annual work conference so I have been spending the last few weeks getting everything ready for everyone that was helping out taking care of the little ones. And because I was not worried enough about leaving the boys, Alvin had a fever of 102 only two days before we were leaving. Thankfully our family doctor has sick bay hours and it was only an ear infection, and the other 2 boys checked out just fine.
Then the husband and I were lucky enough to spend a week in Hawaii, seeing some amazing sights and spending some much needed time together to reconnect (it had been 2 years since we were able to get away together and only a handful of "dates" in between there). We even had the opportunity to renew our vows and spend sometime with Father Miles and talk about our strengths and struggles in our marriage to make it even better. I know I was worried when we left but the boys did wonderful in our absence and from the sounds of it they had a great time as well.
I look forward to going home reenergized and recharged, and I also recognize the importance of time with just the husband, we need to focus on our relationship just as much as we focus on work and the boys because our relationship is the backbone of it all.

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