Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inside My Bear II

A few days ago Alex on Instagram asked me what was inside my Victory Sportdesign Bear II.  I picked up the Bear II back in August before Run Woodstock after hearing about it on Ultrarunner Podcast.  It was the best bag I could find to keep me organized and hopefully minimize time at aid stations looking for whatever I needed, and considering it was designed by ultra runner Victor Ballesteros, I figured he knew what worked. (Which by the way it did work and I did not have trouble finding anything at Run Woodstock during the 50K)  Right now since I do not have any ultras for a few months it has been converted from a "drop bag" to a pick up and go running where ever and whenever bag. (This saves me time for the stupid early runs because I can easily grab my headlamp/my handheld/or anything else I may "need")

Overall opinion on the Bear II: Sturdy construction, color is bright so it is easy to find and also does not make things "lost" in the bottom of the bag like bags with darker colored interiors, lots of pockets for organization and clear outer front/top sleeves to "personalize" the bag (perfect for those that like to visualize their goals).

Biggest Concern: Everyone is going to catch on to the awesomeness that is the Bear II and next thing you know it will just be a sea of red drop bags. I also wish it was just a tad larger and have thought about eventually purchasing another one for clothes/shoes at races. (But I am holding out to see what their new bag the Grizzly looks like first)

So here is what I am currently storing in mine at the moment:
Everything packed up nicely (There is still a good 2" at the top that I can fold up a shirt/shorts/socks and throw them in there)
Left side of the bag & contents from the "Food" and "Misc" pockets (not shown is 2 pairs or gloves which are drying w/ the laundry & a Simple Hydration bottle which is in the washer)
Right side of the bag with contents from the "Personal" and "Safety" pockets (not shown Garmin/Road Id/Endorphin Warrior Bracelet b/c they are next to my computer) 
Top little pockets for meds/batteries/misc little things
For a small and compact bag it stores a ton of stuff and it is all easily accessible.  It even came in handy on our recent family vacation when the oldest kid was having allergy issues.  We were able to take care of it at a rest stop with some allergy medicine from my Bear II (which I had brought incase I could squeeze a run in).  I would recommend this product to anyone looking for either a drop bag or an all purpose running bag.

Disclaimer: Pictures were taken with my less then stellar phone at 6 am but you can get the idea of what the bag is all about.  I purchased the Bear II and was not in anyway compensated or instructed by Victory Sportdesign to write a review.  Opinions as always are my own. 

How do you store all of your running stuff and keep it organized?

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  1. Thanks, Jessica, for the fantastic review! We always love seeing and hearing how everyone packs their Victory Bags. I'm also surprised, at times, to see how much one can pack into it! Don't hold your breath, though, for the Grizzly. After prototype development, and field testing, it usually takes about a year, at the least, for final production to land. Since I only just finished design drawings, we're looking at sometime early 2015. Cheers, Victor