Monday, July 1, 2013

First 4 Weeks of 50K Training

WOW! I cannot believe that I have been training for my 50K for 4 weeks already.  The first month went by quickly and there is no doubt that the next 2 will go by just as fast.  Overall the first 4 weeks went relatively smoothly, I did adjust miles and days several times already because honestly life still goes on and I am trying to train for this 50K and keep balance in my world.  I have felt good, nothing major then common soreness and learning to run on tired legs is a big challenge.

I am using a training plan that I received from a friend and modified a bit to fit my upcoming race schedules and life.

Breakdown of the weeks: (planned/actual)

Week 1 Ending 6/9: Planned Miles = 24 Actual Total Miles = 34
(Runs of 2 miles, 6 miles, 6 miles, 14 miles (trails), and 6 miles)

Week2  Ending 6/16: Planned Miles = 25 Actual Total Miles = 37
(Runs of 8.13 miles, 3.2 miles, 6.25 miles, 7 miles and 12.15 miles (trails))
*This week was toughest by the time I set out for my long run I was on day 5 of running hard.  I learned after this week rest days properly distributed and easy runs are essential.

Week 3 Ending 6/23: Planned Miles = 28 Actual Total Miles = 31
(Runs of 4.65 miles, 9.1 miles, 14 miles (road) and 3 miles)
*After a hot and humid long run in the sun I remembered why I like the shades of the trail.  I struggled with this weeks long run.

Week 4 Ending 6/30: Planned Miles = 28 Actual Total Miles = 24
(Runs of 3 miles, 4.5 miles and 16 miles (road))
*With a traveling husband and an out of town family trip, topped with thunderstorms it made for a difficult week to get my runs in.  The long run was not easy, another hot and humid in the sun run but once it was over I was able to smile since that is 1/2 of the 50K distance!

Happy 16 Mile Long Run - longest run post babies!

Along with running, I have been reading as much as I can on Ultra Running, following the Ultra Runners on Twitter, listening to podcasts and just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can.  I do not doubt that I will finish because finishing is the only option (short of injury I will cross that finish line!)  The biggest obstacle I have in my way at the moment I believe is my nutrient, I have been eating like garbage and it's making the runs tougher then they already are.  I have the good food in the house, I am just choosing not to eat it.  Same goes for hydration as well, I believe on several of these runs I was not properly hydrated at the beginning so I started off the run behind.  My goal for the next few weeks is to get my hydration and nutrient back on track to where it needs to be so that I can run well.

Do you have any Ultra Marathon training tips? Favorite blogs or podcasts about Ultra Running you would like to share? 


  1. No ultra tips for you but it looks like you're off to a great start. Go Jess!