Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RunnerBox Review

While scrolling through hashtags on Instagram I came across a RunnerBox.  I was intrigued and headed over to their website to check them out. ( ) A bi-monthly shipment filled with goodies the runners and triathletes would enjoy...very interesting and intriguing because I am always looking to try out different products but can never justify buying a whole box of something to try it because there is always the "fear" I won't like it and I just wasted money and a whole box of a product. They had a special "Valentine's Day" box for $18 plus $5.00 shipping via USPS so I decided now would be a great time to try them out. (It looks like this deal is no longer available and the gift box has returned to the regular price of $20)

I placed my order late Friday night and quickly received a confirmation and a shipping notice.  After looking into the company a bit further I noticed they were located in Michigan and my RunnerBox quickly arrived on Monday with the mail.

Opening the RunnerBox

Packed up nicely

All the goodies (I will need to improve on my product photography :) )

I was excited about the products inside because other then the Honey Stingers Gel and the Sports Beans I had not tried any of the other goodies in there.  Along with the nutritional goodies there was also a headphone cord wrapper which is always handy to have around since my YurBuds cords are always getting tangled.

Now is it worth it?

I checked out the internet for prices on the retail value of the RunnerBox and did my best to estimate how much each product was worth.  It is a best estimate because some products cannot be purchased individually, some products also would require a shipping cost if not available locally someplace like REI or a local running shop and I also used the lowest price I found on individually sold products (so these can be found cheaper if purchased in a larger quantity/case).

Jelly Belly Sports Beans $1.25 (sold individually)
Bonk Breaker $3.00 (sold individually)
Honey Stinger Gel $1.30 (sold individually)
GU Chomps $2.20 (sold individually)
2 Packets Cocoa Via Drink Mix ~$1.13 each (these are only sold in 30 pack cases or you can request a free sample from the makers website for $2.95 shipping and handling)
1 Day of Mila Seeds ~$1.34 (approximate cost of a one day supply if you purchase the larger bags sold on Amazon)
1 Packet Emergan C ElectroMix $.22 (sold in a package of 30 - I was really excited about this one, we love Emergan C in this house and I didn't even know they had a sports drink mix)
Get Active Tea $.33 (sold in container of 36 for ~$12.00 - Another product I was really excited to try, I love Tea and one that is good for me is a bonus!)
Sports Legs Capsules $1.99 for an individual packet ( it claims to minimize soreness if taken after exercise, I have yet to research or try this yet but I will let you know after Saturday's long run followed by a 5K)
2 Packets of UCan Sports Drink (1 Pomegranate Blueberry and 1 Protein Enhanced Chocolate) $2.50 each (price per packet if purchased in the 6 pack trial box)

Total "Retail" Value: $18.89 + the headphone cord holder

My opinion (which is my own, I purchased the box without any prompting from the company, and am just a satisfied customer) is that yes the RunnerBox is worth the cost and I will be signing up for a subscription (I am thinking about waiting till they launch the monthly box because in all honestly I highly doubt I will be able to ration the new products for 2 whole months).  Even at $20 + $5 shipping I am still getting a "deal" after you factor in time, labor, packaging etc that the company must also cover.  The company also has a TriBox with products geared for Triathletes as well.

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