Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

I know, I know it's a little late...but sometimes better late then never! I have spent the last couple months focused on myself, my family, decluttering and of course the holidays.  As far as running goes, January was a month of maintaining and just enjoying the daily running without worrying about pace and miles.  I even took an entire week off! YES a whole week without running a single step, one reason was because I kept having a slight shin pain when I ran and knew I needed to rest it, but also last week I started the 16 week Furman First 1/2 Marathon Training Plan for Bayshore and I wanted to be rested and motivated since I remember how tough the workouts were.

Along with trying to enjoy the moments with my 3 boys (which somedays are much tougher to enjoy the chaos and crazy then others) I have started focusing on feeding the family healthier home cooked meals again.  We even started juicing again.  I love the fresh juice as does my husband and the little 2 boys.  The oldest tends to be pickier and anything with garlic or ginger he never seems to finish.  I have also tried focusing on the little things that make our day to day life special, whether it was a moment during the day, something one of them said, something we did as a family I have started "journaling" it in my new Erin Condren Life Planner .  I use the monthly pages for our events. (in reality as a family we are not that busy and I don't write down things like "swim lessons" or any other reoccurring event and I do not use it to log miles since I have my Commitment Day Journal for that)  Then I use the weekly/daily pages to write the little things throughout the day.  It is nice to take 5 minutes throughout the day and reflect or sometime the 20 minutes in the evening to just think about our day.  What I have learned and recognized so far after doing this the last few weeks is that even when it appears to be the most awful day there is always something to be thankful for and a happy moment that was/is worth remembering.
Erin Condren Life Planner with Collage Cover 
So here is to a new month and back on track with the blogging (since I got away from actually writing anything when I discovered how fun Instagram is)

(Full disclosure: A friend recommended the Run Less Run Faster Furman First Method to me last year after he used it to help him Boston Qualify.  I did purchase and read the book all on my own.  I also purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner after it was recommended by several friends and I do not regret it one bit! It's a great planner!)


  1. Love the idea of journaling in it too! I need to start doing that as I find it helps me keep positive but also track things in my training that could become an issue! Great post!

  2. Thanks! I keep my training separate because really I don't keep those logs/journals around long after the year especially since it is so easy to look on Daily Mile or Garmin Connect if I want to check out progress. But I do want to hang on to the Life Planner so the boys can read it years from now.