Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 - News, Races, & Goals


2014 is shaping up to be a stellar year already.  A few weeks ago I got an exciting email letting me know that I have been chosen to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2014. WAHOO! I honestly love Nuun, I will say that not only has it helped my training/hydration but it has also helped me kick my soda addiction.  It has a great taste (much better then many of the sports "drinks" out there) and I love the fizz it has right after the tablet dissolves.  I have a tube of Nuun in my purse, car, and Bear II at all times.  Applying to be an ambassador for Nuun was a pretty easy decision, not only to I believe in their product but since discovering it over a year ago I have seen all that they do for the running community. I am really excited to be a part of this extremely hydrated and motivating "family"!

2014 Races:

January 11: PoHo Hot Chocolate 8k
March 1: Pazcki 5K
March 30: Rock CF 1/2 Marathon
May 10th: Weekend Warrior Full Marathon 
August 23: North Country 50 Miler
September 5: Woodstock 100 (need to register when it opens)

There is a possibility for a relay race in July but as of now nothing is set in stone so I am not planning on it. But overall that is the extent of my 2014 "racing".  I will be spending some time on trails for a few Fat Ass 50k's and hopefully a 50 miler, plus almost every holiday our local running group does a Fat Ass Half Marathon so I will be getting in the distance.  Since we will be moving sometime next Spring I am hesitant to pay for/commit to any races and then not be able to make them, plus in all honesty I hate paying for races when I can run for free.

I am perfectly happy with this race schedule and the few races that are on it for now (yes there may be 1 or 2 added throughout the year if the timing works)  I look forward to running the 2 new races and returning to the other 4 for another go at the course.

2014 Goals:

1) Sub 2 hr at Rock CF in March-I do not know that I want to just sub 2, I really want to crush it.  Being only 4 seconds away last year at Bayshore really has been bothering me because I cannot help but think I could have given just a little bit more.
2) Sub 4:20 Full Marathon in May-I have not run a full marathon since 2004 so I am not sure what to expect for the 26.2, I know that I will be racing it much differently then my 50K last September.  I do want to run it in less then 4:20 since that will take an hour off my first (and only) marathon time.
3) Complete both a 50 miler and 100 miler in 2014.  These 2 will be tests of perseverance and sheer determination.  I will be attempting the 100 miler only 2 weeks after my first official 50, so it is going to be tough, but if I train properly and stay safe I can do it.

With the help of my Believe I Am journal and both the online and local running communities I have become a part of I can cross all 4 of these goals off my list by the end of 2014.  

What do you have for 2014? Any exciting news, goals or races?

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