Wednesday, September 25, 2013

For the Love of Trail Running...

The good people over at are giving away an Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest (which I have been eyeing) and all I have to do is write in 400 words or less why I love trail/ultra running. So without wasting anymore words here is why I love trail and ultra running and the community that goes along with it:


  • Training for my first 50k was tough, but I have never had so much fun running in my life, even when I was beyond exhausted.


  • The ultra running community is filled with a tremendous amount of resepect for not only the trails & terrain they run but for each other including the newbies like me.


  •  Different trails, routes, locations and distances


  • As a whole the community and the sport is interesting which makes it even more fun to explore and to get to know other runners and hear their stories.


  • Allows a person to find their limits and surpass them.

Aid Stations:

  • The aid stations at ultra races are so much better then just gels and a sports drink!


  • So beautiful and peaceful when you explore nature on foot.


  • What I once had viewed as the ultimate failure (pre ultra running) I now see as a learning experience and proof of how bad ass these trail & ultra runners are every time they get back out there and attempt it all over again.

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest:

  • Shameless plea to pick me...I am in need of a better vest (one that has both a bladder and water bottles) for longer unsupported training runs.

Laughs and friendship: 

  • Friends I have made and memories that include some really good laughs will last a lifetime.

Teach & Share:

  • I have learned a great deal in the last 7 months from seasoned (and even new) trail and ultra runners.  It is a pretty awesome community of people who want others to succeed as well.


  • The time on the trails has allowed me to really reflect on life, what is important, and who I am.  It has allowed me to discover my own strength but at the same time to reflect on the beauty of the world in which we live.


  • Trail & Ultra running is just plain amazing! If you do not believe me try it for yourself!

Early spring run at a local trail

Morning sunrise from the woods

Welcoming the rain during my 50k (it was starting to get HOT!)

My 1st 50k finish

Inspiration for my 50k finish picture?

Local trail scenery

I "blame" them for getting me into ultra running

Smiles after miles and medals

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