Sunday, June 23, 2013

Simple Hydration Bottle Review

I saw the Simple Hydration bottle online several months ago, but it was winter and I do not run with liquids under 6 miles so I was not in a hurry to order.  However since Michigan has finally warmed up to 80+ degrees and nasty humidity I figured now was a good time to get one.  It shipped quickly and I received it only a few days after ordering.

Run #1: I barely made it 100 ft with the Simple Hydration Bottle tucked into my waistband.  It bounced and it felt like my pants were falling down.  I pulled it out of the waistband and hand carried it for 3 miles till I looped back to my car.  Now I normally hate carrying anything but this bottle was pretty comfy.  Now a hand carry is still not my 1st choice of hydration systems but this bottle would work in a pinch. 

(See perfect thumb spot and "molded" for a hand)

Why did it bounce? My first thought was my outfit choice, my Brooks PR Mesh Skorts do not have a drawstring waistband, and on a normal run when they aren't holding up 13 oz of water the waist band always feels "loose".  I did ask Simple Hydration on Twitter why it bounced and they responded quickly and just like I thought that they key was a drawstring.

Run #2: New outfit which included a pair of Oiselle Roga Shorts with a drawstring and I had an almost bounce free run. I say almost because the first mile there was a slight bounce when the bottle was heavy from ice and the full 13 oz of water it holds, but it wasn't enough to make me think the bottle would bounce out or my pants would fall down like Run #1.

(Awesome hydration system if your wardrobe has drawstrings)

Overall I would recommend the bottle if you are looking for a "Simple Hydration" option that does not need belts or packs.  I plan on using mine now on my shorter runs when I wear my shorts and do not carry much anyways.  I would probably even consider using it on longer runs if Brooks decides to perfect their PR Mesh Skort and add a drawstring.  I will be ordering another one soon for my husband who has started running and I know all of his shorts have drawstrings! Oh and if you like Simple Hydration on Facebook or follow them on Twitter keep your eyes pealed for awesome deals!! 

**Please note I purchased the Simple Hydration bottle with my own money and a coupon code.  The review and opinions are my own and I was no way influenced by the nice folks over at Simple Hydration


  1. I had the same experience with the Simple Hydration bottle - I run in Champion shorts with no drawstring... I simply started using my SPI belt - which I use to carry my phone just in case anyway, as a second "band" and have had no problems at all.

  2. Good to know that is works well with the SPI belt Jess! I won an UltrAspire Quantum from a Twitter Ultrachat that I am going to try it out with if I run longer then 4 and leave my subdivision and need my phone.