Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few "essentials"

In addition to proper fitting shoes and decent clothing (truly doesn't have to be anything fancy but something you are comfortable in and works even though I prefer to stay away from cotton) there are 3 things that I consider essentials in my running bag.

1) Body Glide: It comes in a handy deodorant type stick and can be applied easily to an area that is prone to chafing during a run.  I tend to use it near any seam or band that may rub and have also used it on the back of my ankles if I am having issues with shoes.  I forgot to put it on on Tuesday before our early morning and the under arm chafing from my arm sleeves is not comfortable.

2) Warm FX: Similar to Icy Hot and made by the Body Glide it helps to loosen up tight/sore muscles.  This is by no means a replacement for traditional ice and heat therapy but it works in a pinch.  I prefer this one because it also comes in a handy deodorant type stick and can be applied easily.

3) The Stick: This is a recent addition and I could kick myself for not getting it sooner!  When I used to visit the gym regularly I would borrow their foam rollers, and they are fantastic as well.  When I started working out from home more, I still was hesitant to spend the money on The Stick and just used a rolling pin.  It worked but was not flexible at all.  So I sucked it up and The Stick arrived Monday.  I have used it daily and will continue to.  I can easily roll out my leg muscles as well as my arms and back that are very sore from the push up challenge.

What I consider essentials
What do you consider to be an "essential" in your running bag?

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